12 years ago I moved to the country with my grown family.
I never had any interest in drawing or painting although my younger sister tells me she remembers me scribbling on everything. On a walk about through the new town I lucked upon Maggiolis art supplys in Alliston and signed up for an art course. scary stuff..It turned out to be the beginning of a very interesting few years.
A few lessons here and there many art tours and a few getaways at artists retreats got me hooked.
I am now filled with new friendships an art studio where I hold classes and have a group of artist friends every Wednesday to paint with and keep me inspired.

Instructors that have graced us with their knowledge and passion:
John Anderson, Mary Artymco, Linda Blix, Marianne Broome, Susan Fisher, DD Gadjanski, Linda Giles, Greg Hindle, Pauline Holancin, Roslyn Levin, Claudia McCabe, Kai-Liis McInnis, Jake Mol, Anne Moore, David Rankin, Jill Segal, Diana Tucker-Harding,and last but certainly not least my mentor and friend Mary Wood.

Studio owner artist

Dorothy Visentin