Artist Statement

Right now I am applying a lot of paint to the canvas,expensive luscious paint. One tube at a time.Swirling scraping sometimes running it under the cold tap water to great satisfaction.
To be continued........
Today I decided to do something more representational.
My latest abstracts are turning into mud so its time to make a change.
I did do a drawing of an old building and applied some luscious colours but am thinking I have to spend a lot of time on details.Not what I feel like doing so I think this one is going to be another abstracted view.
Ah summer.........I think I need to focus........on fun.

Put a painting in to a Juried show. A painting that I liked (a lot).. I got three good comments and one suggestion and that one suggestion that the background didn't work with the foreground was enough for me too sabotage my beautiful painting.....I reworked it until I hated it.
Big lesson learned....Stop trying to look good. it was about me not looking good painting was still beautiful but I didn't feel good about me .The jurors had actually made positive comments but that's not what I focused on.I only heard the one negative. So big lesson learned. Thank you Jurors.
Next time I will save there comments if I feel they are worthy and use them to my benefit on my next painting.
Wow it's been a while.......Have tried my hand at pottery. I liked it a lot. Can't get into that. Too much the expense. Was fun though. May take another class where I can use someone else's wheel.
Started to work on Mary Woods painting.Challenging to say the least.
Had a wonderful show at double doors with the Seven Pennies. Mary would of been very proud.
Gees been a while. I feel as though ten years have passed.
It's winter it's cold I have the dole drums is that a word?. Trying to write a cv for entry into the woman's show in Orillia. Hard to write about yourself.
Have entered one piece in Orillia called just do it.
Today I am wondering why I even paint. Why why why........